1 Scope

23.1713GPPFunctional descriptionLocation Services (LCS)Release 1999Stage 2 (UMTS)TS

The present document specifies the stage 2 of the LoCation Services (LCS) feature in UMTS, which provides the mechanisms to support mobile location services for operators, subscribers and third party service providers.

Location Services may be considered as a network provided enabling technology consisting of standardised service capabilities, which enable the provision of location applications. The application(s) may be service provider specific. The description of the numerous and varied possible location applications which are enabled by this technology are outside the scope of the present document. However, clarifying examples of how the functionality being described may be used to provide specific location services may be included.

This stage 2 service description covers the LCS system functional model for the whole system, the LCS system architecture, state descriptions, message flows, etc.