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32.106-13GPPConfiguration Management (CM)Part 1: Concept and requirementsRelease 4Telecommunication managementTS

The present document describes the Configuration Management (CM) aspects of managing a 3G network. This is described from the management perspective in 3G TS 32.101 [1] and 3G TS 32.102 [2].

The present document defines a set of controls to be employed to effect set-up and changes to a 3G network in such a way that operational capability and Quality Of Service (QOS), network integrity and system inter working are ensured. In this way, the present document describes the interface definition and behaviour for the management of relevant 3G NEs in the context of the described management environment. The context is described for both the management system (OS) and Network Element (NE) functionality.

Clause 7 contains the specific definitions for the standardised N interface, which are necessary to follow for compliance to this specification.

The Itf‑N for CM is built up by a number of Integration Reference Points (IRPs) and a related Name Convention, which realise the functional capabilities over this interface. The basic structure of the IRPs is defined in 3G TS 32.101 [1] and 3G TS 32.102 [2]. For CM, a number of IRPs (and the Name Convention) are defined herein, used by this as well as by other specifications for Telecom Management produced by 3GPP. All these are included in Parts 2 through 8 of the present document as follows:

Notification IRP Information Service Version 1: 32.106 Part 2

Notification IRP CORBA Solution Set Version 1:1: 32.106 Part 3

Notification IRP CMIP Solution Set Version 1:1: 32.106 Part 4

Basic Configuration Management IRP Information Model (including NRM) Version 1: 32.106 Part 5

Basic Configuration Management IRP CORBA Solution Set Version 1:1: 32.106 Part 6

Basic Configuration Management IRP CMIP Solution Set Version 1:1: 32.106 Part 7

Name Convention for Managed Objects: 32.106 Part 8