1 Scope

32.106-23GPPConfiguration Management (CM)Part 2: Notification Integration Reference Point (IRP): Information Service (IS)Telecommunication managementTS

Network Elements (NEs) under management generate events to inform event receivers about occurrences within the network that may be of interest to event receivers. There are a number of categories of events. Alarm, as specified in Alarm IRP: Information Service 3GPP TS 32.111-2 [1], is one member of this category.

The purpose of Notification IRP is to define an interface through which an IRPManager (typically a network management system) can subscribe to IRPAgent (typically an Element Manager (EM) or a NE) for receiving network events. It also specifies attributes carried in the network events. These attributes are common among all event categories. Attributes that are specific to a particular event category are not part of the present document. For example, perceivedSeverity is an attribute specific for alarm event category. This attribute is not defined the present document but in Alarm IRP 3GPP TS 32.111-2 [1].