1 Scope

32.106-53GPPConfiguration Management (CM)Part 5: Basic CM Integration Reference Point (IRP): Information model (including Network Resource Model (NRM)Telecommunication managementTS

The present document (Basic Configuration Management (CM) IRP: Information Model) defines an Integration Reference Point (IRP) through which an ‘IRPAgent’ (typically an Element Manager or Network Element) can communicate basic Configuration Management related information to one or several ‘IRPManagers’ (typically Network Managers). This version of the IRP is mainly intended for “passive management” of high-level network configuration and status information as required by a Network Manager.

The present document is divided in three main parts:

  1. specifies a generic IRP Information Service with operations and notifications to be used by an ‘IRPManager’ to retrieve information on managed objects maintained by an ‘IRPAgent’.
  2. specifies a generic Network Resource Model, NRM (also referred to as a Management Information Model – MIM) with definitions of Managed Object Classes.
  3. defines the UMTS management NRM by reusing this generic model either by direct reuse or sub-classing.

The Configuration Management (CM) area is very large. The intention is to split the specification of the related interfaces in several IRPs. In addition to the subject IRP, it is expected that IRPs will be defined for functional areas like Security management, Software management, Network & Service provisioning, etc. An important aspect of such a split is that the Network Resource Models (NRMs) defined in different IRPs are consistent. The Basic CM IRP here provides a base for all CM-related resource modelling.

To summarize, the Basic CM IRP has three main purposes:

  1. to define an interface for retrieval of Configuration Management information,
  2. to define a generic Network Resource Model that constitutes a base from which other (more specialized) resource models can inherit, and
  3. to define the applied UMTS management Network Resource Model.