1 Scope

32.106-73GPPConfiguration Management (CM)Part 7: Basic CM Integration Reference Point (IRP): Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP) Solution Set (SS)Telecommunication managementTS

The present document defines a CMIP Solution Set for the Basic CM IRP introduced in 3GPP TS 32.106-5 [15].
The version of this CMIP Solution Set is 1:1, where the first “1” means that it corresponds to the Information Model version 1, and the second “1” means that it is the first CMIP Solution Set corresponding to Information Model version 1.

Clause 4 maps the protocol- and technology-independent operations, parameters, notifications and the Network Resource Model specified in the Basic CM IRP Information Model (Chapter 6 of 3GPP 3GPP TS 32.106-5 [15]) onto the corresponding CMIP/CMISE equivalences. The important technical aspects specific to this CMIP Solution Set are also described there. The GDMO definitions are introduced in Clause5. Clause 6 contains the ASN.1 definitions related to the GDMO definitions provided in clause 5.