1 Scope

33.1033G security3GPPIntegration guidelinesTS

This technical specification defines how elements of the 3G-security architecture are to be integrated into the following entities of the system architecture.

– Home Environment Authentication Centre (HE/AuC)

– Serving Network Visited Location Register (VLR/SGSN)

– Radio Network Controller (RNC)

– Mobile station User Identity Module (UIM)

– Mobile Equipment (ME)

This specification is derived from 3G "Security architecture". [1]

The structure of this technical specification is a series of tables, which describe the security information and cryptographic functions to be stored in the above entities of the 3G system.

For security information, this is in terms of multiplicity, lifetime, parameter length and whether mandatory or optional.

For the cryptographic functions, the tables also include an indication of whether the implementation needs to be standardised or can be proprietary.

The equivalent information for the alternative Temporary Key proposal is included in an appendix to this document.