1 Scope

03.333G security3GPPLawful InterceptionStage 2TS

The present document gives the stage 2 description of Lawful Interception within a PLMN for circuit switched systems and GPRS. It does not address the interface between the PLMN and the LEA lawful intercepted product and related information collection functions. This is outside the scope of the GSM standard.

The structure of the present document is as follows:

– clause 4 covers the architecture of the interception system;

– clause 5 describes how interception is activated, deactivated and interrogated within the interception system;

– clause 6 describes how the system is provisioned, defines events at which interception takes place and what kind of information is generated at each event;

– clause 7 provides brief descriptions of various intercept cases;

– clause 8 reviews security requirements for access to the interception system;

– annex A provides information flows to illustrate when intercepted traffic and related data is generated;

– annex B describes an interception system for GPRS. The annex is subdivided into 5 sections that are identical in structure to clauses 4 through 8, but applicable to a GPRS clause rather than a GSM circuit switched system.