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03.463GPPTechnical Realization of Facsimile Group 3 Service - non transparentTS

The present document deals with the procedures allowing the technical realization of the real time end‑to‑end facsimile group 3 service within the GSM PLMN using non‑transparent network support according to the definition of the Teleservices 61 and 62 specified in GSM 02.03. Within the present document particular attention is given to Teleservice "Alternate speech/facsimile group 3" (Teleservice 61). However, the definitions apply also to Teleservice "Automatic facsimile group 3" (Teleservice 62) with the exception of all actions concerned with the speech phase. Consequently, in the following descriptions the term "Teleservice" denotes both Teleservice 61 and Teleservice 62 as appropriate.

NOTE: Some facilities associated with alternate speech/ facsimile group 3 may not be available with version 1 of MAP. In particular, the in‑call modification procedure following an inter MSC handover is not supported by this version. This imposes the limitation that for all calls it will not be possible to change between speech and facsimile following an inter MSC handover.