1 Scope

03.573GPPFunctional descriptionMobile Station Application Execution Environment (MExE)Release 1998Stage 2TS

The present document defines the stage 2 and stage 3 description of the Mobile Station Application Execution Environment (MExE). Stage 2 identifies the functional capabilities and information flows needed to support the service described in stage 1.

The present document includes information applicable to network operators, service providers and terminal, switch and database manufacturers.

The present document contains the core functions for a Mobile Station Application Execution Environment (MExE) which are sufficient to provide a complete service.

MExE uses a number of technologies to realise the requirements of the stage 1 description (GSM 02.57). The present document describes how the service requirements are realised with the selected technologies. The present document is devised into sections each covering the aspects relating to particular MExE technologies, it is intended that the present document will evolve along with the MExE technologies. A generic section of the present document covers areas of MExE common to all technologies.