1 Scope

04.133GPPPerformance Requirements on Mobile Radio InterfaceTS

The present document specifies measurable performance requirements for signalling aspects of Mobile Stations (MS)s. To allow implementation flexibility it has been chosen to specify requirements on the whole Mobile Station rather than to specify requirements on each "OSI layer". As a consequence the performance requirements do not fit conveniently in specifications such as GSM 04.08 [4] (layer 3 only) or GSM 04.06 [3] (layer 2 only).

The main aim of the present document is to provide the justification for testing of requirements that are not included in other GSM specifications. Where specific requirements are included in other GSM specifications they are not duplicated here.

MSs have to perform a wide variety of functions. As a consequence most performance measurements have to be made under a set of defined conditions: where necessary, these are included in the present document.

Where necessary certain assumptions are made about the interaction times between the mobile equipment and the SIM. If the (test) SIM does not respond within the assumed time then appropriate allowances shall be made.

Additionally, it is intended that the present document should contain sufficient requirements to enable some undefined network timers in GSM 04.08 [4] to be calculated.