1 Scope

04.573GPPGSM Cordless Telephony System (CTS), (Phase 1) CTS CTS supervising system Layer 3 SpecificationTS

The present document specifies the procedures used at the CTS system interface with the supervision part i.e. the interface between the CTS-FP and the CTS-SN.

Only CTS regular supervising procedures are described; FMC management is not intended to be standardised.

The present document does not specify the transmission layer but only the layer 3.

When the notations for "further study" or "FS" or "FFS" are present in the present document they mean that the indicated text is not a normative portion of the present document.

The structured functions and procedures of this protocol and the relationship with other layers and entities are described in general terms in GSM 04.07.

1.1 Scope of the Technical Specification

The procedures currently described in the present document are for supervising management over the CTS-FP/CTS-SN interface.

1.2 Application to the interface structures

The layer 3 procedures apply to the interface structures defined in GSM 04.03. GSM 04.07 gives the general description of layer 3 including procedures, messages format and error handling.

1.3 Structure of layer 3 procedures

A building block method is used to describe the layer 3 procedures.

The basic building blocks are "elementary procedures" provided by the protocol control entities.

Complete layer 3 transactions consist of specific sequences of elementary procedures. The term "structured procedure" is used for these sequences.

1.4 Test procedures

Test procedures of the CTS / Fixed Network interface signalling are described in the GSM 11.56 series.

1.5 Transmission layer

The transmission layer is out of scope of the present document. One implementation could be a V.22bis modem with an HDLC based protocol.

1.6 Overview of control procedures

1.6.1 List of procedures

The following procedures are specified in the present document:

Section 4 specifies elementary procedures for CTS Supervising Management

– CTS-FP initialisation procedure (subclause 4.4.1);

– CTS-FP de-initialisation procedure (subclause 4.4.5);

– CTS enrolment procedure (subclause 4.4.2);

– CTS de-enrolment procedure (subclause 4.4.6);

– CTS operation data update procedure (subclause 4.4.3);

– CTS information request procedure (subclause 4.4.4);

– CTS FP authentication procedure (subclause 4.4.7);

– CTS MS authentication procedure (subclause 4.4.8).

The elementary procedures can be combined to form structured procedures. Examples of such structured procedures are given in section 5. This part of the Technical Specification is only provided for guidance to assist implementations.

Section 6 specifies actions to be taken on various error conditions and also provides rules to ensure compatibility with future enhancements of the protocol.

1.7 Applicability of implementations

The applicability of procedures of the present document for the fixed part is dependent on the services and functions which are to be supported by a fixed part.