1 Scope

04.673GPPenhanced Multi Level Precedence and Pre-emption service (eMLPP)Stage 3TS

The present document specifies the procedures used at the radio interface (Reference point Um as defined in GSMĀ 04.02) for normal operation, invocation, registration and interrogation of the enhanced Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption Service (eMLPP) supplementary service. Provision and withdrawal of supplementary services is an administrative matter between the mobile subscriber and the service provider and cause no signalling on the radio interface.

In GSM 04.10 the general aspects of the specification of supplementary services at the layer 3 radio interface are given.

GSM 04.80 specifies the formats and coding for the supplementary services.

Definitions and descriptions of supplementary services are given in GSM 02.04 and GSM 02.8x and 02.9x-series. GSMĀ 02.67 is related specially to eMLPP.

Technical realization of supplementary services is described in GSM 03.11 and GSM 03.8x and 03.9x-series.

GSM 03.67 is related specially to eMLPP.

The procedures for Call Control, Mobility Management and Radio Resource management at the layer 3 radio interface are defined in GSM 04.07 and GSM 04.08.