1 Scope

07.013GPPGeneral on Terminal Adaptation Functions (TAF) for Mobile Stations (MS)TS

The present document is based on the principles of terminal adaptor functions presented in the CCITT I-series of recommendations (I.460 – I.463).

The GSM PLMN supports a wide range of voice and non-voice services in the same network. In order to enable non-voice traffic in the GSM PLMN there is a need to connect various kinds of terminal equipments to the Mobile Termination (MT). The target of the present document is to outline the functions needed for the terminal adaptation.

In the GSM 02.02 the bearer services are described. The general network configuration is described in GSM 03.02 and the GSM PLMN access reference configuration is defined in GSM 04.02. The various connection types used in the GSM PLMN are presented in GSM 03.10. Terminology used in the present document is presented in GSM 01.04. For support of data services between GSM PLMN and other networks see GSM 09-series of Specifications.