1 Scope

07.033GPPTerminal Adaptation Functions (TAF) for services using synchronous bearer capabilitiesTS

The present document defines Terminal Adaptation Functions (TAF) which are integrated in a Mobile Termination (MT) and which enable the attachment of Synchronous Terminals to an MT (see GSM 04.02 [4]). The general aspects of Terminal Adaptation Functions are contained in specification GSM 07.01 [8]. The present document covers support of synchronous data services (see GSM 02.02 [2]) for the following interfaces and procedures:

‑ V.22 DTE/DCE Interface

‑ V.22 bis DTE/DCE Interface

‑ V.26 ter DTE/DCE Interface

‑ V.32 DTE/DCE Interface

‑ X.21 DTE/DCE Interface

‑ X.21 bis DTE/DCE Interface

‑ X.25 Procedure

‑ X.32 Procedure

‑ V.25 bis Procedure

‑ I.420 Interface (S)

LAPB is the only synchronous non‑transparent protocol which is considered here.