1 Scope

11.193GPPCTS SIM Fixed PartTS

The present document defines the aspects of the internal organization of the FP-SIM which are related to the CTS initialization and CTS enrolment operation phase of CTS as well as the files contained in the SIM for dedicated CTS operation. This is to ensure interoperability between a FP-SIM and a CTS-FPE independently of the respective manufacturers and operators.

The present document defines:

– the contents of the files required for the CTS application;

– the application protocol.

All information regarding the interface between the Fixed Part Subscriber Identity Module (FP-SIM) and the Cordless Telephony System Fixed Part Equipment (CTS-FPE) mentioned below are fully compliant with the TS-GSM11.11 [12] unless otherwise stated in the present document.

– the requirements for the physical characteristics of the FP-SIM, the electrical signals and the transmission protocols;

– the model which shall be used as a basis for the design of the logical structure of the FP-SIM;

– the security features;

– the interface functions;

– the commands.

For more details regarding CTS, refer to specifications GSM 02.56 [3]and GSM 03.56 [6].

The present document does not specify any aspects related to the administrative management phase. Any internal technical reallocation of either the FP-SIM or the CTS-FPE are only specified where these reflect over the interface. It does not specify any of the security algorithms which may be used.