10 API Extensibility

02.193GPPRelease 1999Stage 1Subscriber Identity Module Application Programming Interface (SIM API)TS

The SIM API shall support applications written for previous versions of the SIM API.

There shall be means to manage versions of the SIM API.

At installation of an applet the required SIM API version shall be checked as described in clause 7.

The ability to extend the SIM API to add functionality may be possible without reissuing the card.

10.1 Evolution of SIM / ME Interface (3GPP TS 11.11)

As the SIM/ME interface is handled by the GSM SIM kernel any evolution of the interface may require the introduction of a new SIM API version.

Older version of the SIM API would still be allowable, but would not have access to the interface enhancement.

10.2 Evolution of SIM Application Toolkit (3GPP TS 11.14)

The SIM API shall provide a low-level interface to support any further releases of 3GPP TS 11.14 [3].

A new version of the SIM API shall provide support for the new features at a high level interface.

10.3 Interworking with other systems

If interworking at APDU and SIM API level with other systems (e.g. MExE, WAP) require some specific functionality, it will first need to be defined either in the 3GPP TS 11.11 [2] or 3GPP TS 11.14 [3], and as a result it will be taken into account in the API specification.

[Administrative command support is currently under discussion within ETSI SMG9]