10 Charging

22.3403GPPIP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) messagingStage 1TS

Charging for IMS Messaging shall be based on existing IMS charging mechanisms as appropriate.

IMS Messaging shall be able to support various charging models, including:

a) sender only pays;

b) both sender and recipient pay their respective charges for message delivery; and

c) recipient pays.

IMS Messaging shall be able to support different charging approaches:

a) volume based charging;

b) QoS based charging;

c) service based charging;

d) number of messages sent and/or received; and

e) offline charging or/and online charging.

IMS Messaging shall be able to support various charging mechanisms. The following charging characteristics may be considered:

a) message content type and length;
Message content type should be declared using a standardised declaration [the note may need to be moved to a different section e.g. message filtering].

b) roaming conditions;

c) prepaid subscriptions;

d) time when the message is sent;

e) time when the message is delivered;
[FFS, “delivered” could indicate message stored, message read, message received by the terminal and so on…]

f) message origin and destination;

g) access network employed; and

h) the charging information shall describe the amount of data sent and received to and from the external data network [Note: this is introduced to take into account the network(s) transited by message].