10 Service policies

29.199-223GPPOpen Service Access (OSA)Parlay X web servicesPart 22: PolicyTS






Maximum rate of notification delivery (also can be considered minimum time between notifications)



Maximum amount of time a notification may be set up for



Default amount of time a notification will be set up for



Maximum number of notifications that may be requested



Allowed to specify unlimited notification count(i.e. specify zero in notification count requested)

Annex A (normative):
WSDL for policy

The document/literal WSDL representation of this interface specification is compliant to the content requirements specified in the present document and is contained in text files;

  • parlayx_policy_evaluation_interface_4_0.wsdl
  • parlayx_policy_evaluation_service_4_0.wsdl
  • parlayx_policy_event_notification_interface_4_0.wsdl
  • parlayx_policy_event_notification_service_4_0.wsdl
  • parlayx_policy_event_notification_manager_interface_4_0.wsdl
  • parlayx_policy_event_notification_manager_service_4_0.wsdl
  • parlayx_policy_provisioning_interface_4_0.wsdl
  • parlayx_policy_provisioning_service_4_0.wsdl
  • parlayx_policy_types_4_0.xsd

which accompany the present document.

The WSDL files have been verified using the following files:

  • 22_wsdl2Java_axis-1_4.bat
  • 22_wsdl2Java_axis2-1_4_1.bat

which accompany the present document.

Annex B (informative):
Description of Parlay X Web Services Part 22: Policy for 3GPP2 cdma2000 networks

This annex is intended to define the OSA Parlay X Web Services Stage 3 interface definitions and it provides the complete OSA specifications. It is an extension of OSA Parlay X Web Services specifications capabilities to enable operation in cdma2000 systems environment. They are in alignment with 3GPP2 Stage 1 requirements and Stage 2 architecture defined in:

[1] 3GPP2 X.S0011-D: "cdma2000 Wireless IP Network Standard ", Version 1.1

[2] 3GPP2 S.R0037-0: "IP Network Architecture Model for cdma2000 Spread Spectrum Systems", Version 3.0

[3] 3GPP2 X.S0013-A: "All-IP Core Network Multimedia Domain"

These requirements are expressed as additions to and/or exclusions from the 3GPP Release 8 specification.
The information given here is to be used by developers in 3GPP2 cdma2000 network architecture to interpret the 3GPP OSA specifications.