22.1003GPPTSUMTS Phase 1

In the first phase of UMTS, the USIM shall be developed on the basis of the phase 2+ Release ‘99 GSM SIM including SAT as described in 3G TS 22.038 [9]. The additional requirements for the phase 1 UMTS USIM are as follows:

1) USIM shall provide new and enhanced security features (e.g. mutual authentication…) as defined by SMG10.

2) The UMTS mobile terminal shall support phase 2 and phase 2+ GSM SIMs as access modules to UMTS networks. The services that can be provided in this case may be limited to GSM like services provided by that UMTS network. UMTS mobile terminals shall not support 5V SIMs. It shall be up to the UMTS network operator to accept or reject the use of GSM SIM as access modules in its network.

3) It shall be possible to have multiple applications on the UMTS IC Card (UICC). There shall be a secured and easy mechanism for application selection. An authorised access for each application is mandatory, however it shall be possible to have shared directories between applications where appropriate. The UICC shall be capable of supporting SIM and USIM applications.

4) Simultaneous activation of several USIMs on one mobile terminal need not be supported in UMTS phase 1.

5) A standardised mechanism allowing highly secure transfer of applications and/or associated data to/from the UICC shall be supported in UMTS phase 1.