11.2.14 Packet PRACH Parameters

04.603GPPGeneral Packet Radio Service (GPRS)Mobile Station (MS) - Base Station System (BSS) interfaceRadio Link Control / Medium Access Control (RLC/MAC) protocolRelease 1999TS

This message is sent on the PCCCH by the network to all mobile stations within the cell to update the PRACH parameters in between Packet System Information messages containing PRACH parameters.


Direction: network to mobile station

Classification: distribution message

Table Packet PRACH PARAMETERS information elements

< Packet PRACH Parameters message content > ::=

< PAGE_MODE : bit (2) >

< PRACH Control Parameters : < PRACH Control Parameters IE > >

< padding bits >

! < Distribution part error : bit (*) = < no string > > ;

Table PACKET PRACH PARAMETERS information element details

PAGE_MODE (2 bit field)
This field is defined in sub-clause 12.20.

PRACH Control Parameters
This information element is defined in sub-clause 12.14.