11.2.9d Packet Enhanced Measurement Report

04.603GPPGeneral Packet Radio Service (GPRS)Mobile Station (MS) - Base Station System (BSS) interfaceRadio Link Control / Medium Access Control (RLC/MAC) protocolRelease 1999TS

This message is sent either on the PACCH if in packet transfer mode or on an assigned block on a PDTCH, from the mobile station to the network to report enhanced measurement results. The message contains measurement results from the Network Control measurements.


Direction: mobile station to network

Table 11.2.9d.1: PACKET ENHANCED MEASUREMENT REPORT message content


< TLLI : bit (32) >

{ < NC Measurement Report : < NC Measurement Report struct > > }

< padding bits > ;

< NC Measurement Report struct > ::=

< NC_MODE : bit (1) >
{ 0 < BA_USED : bit > < 3G_BA_USED : bit > | 1 < PSI3_CHANGE_MARK : bit(2) > }
< PMO_USED : bit >
< BSIC_Seen : bit >
< SCALE : bit >
{ 0 | 1 < Serving cell data : < Serving cell data struct >> }

{ 1 < Repeated Invalid_BSIC_Information : < Repeated Invalid_BSIC_Information struct >> } ** 0
{ 0 | 1 {0 | 1 < REPORTING_QUANTITY : bit (6) > } ** } ; — bitmap type reporting

< Serving cell data struct > ::=

< RXLEV_SERVING_CELL : bit (6) >

{ 0 | 1 < INTERFERENCE_SERVING_CELL : bit (6) > } ;

< Repeated Invalid_BSIC_Information struct > ::=
< BCCH-FREQ-NCELL : bit (5) >
< BSIC : bit (6) >
< RXLEV-NCELL : bit (6) > ;

Table 11.2.9d.2: PACKET ENHANCED MEASUREMENT REPORT information element details

TLLI (32 bit field)
This field contains the TLLI of the mobile station. This field is encoded as defined in sub-clause 12.16.

NC_MODE (1 bit field)
This field indicates if the mobile station was in mode NC1 or NC2 when sending the measurement report.

0 Mobile station in mode NC1
1 Mobile station in mode NC2

BA_USED (1 bit field),
3G_BA_USED (1 bit field)
(2 bit field)

These fields shall contain the value of the BA_IND, 3G_BA_IND and PSI3_CHANGE_MARK respectively in the messages defining the used Neighbour Cell list.

In case PBCCH exists, PSI3_CHANGE_MARK shall be used.
In case PBCCH does not exist, BA_USED and 3G_BA_USED shall be used.

PMO_USED (1 bit field)
This parameter shall contain the value of the PMO_IND in the PACKET CELL CHANGE ORDER or PACKET MEASUREMENT ORDER messages that has modified the used Neighbour Cell list. If no such message has been received, PMO_USED shall be set to zero.

BSIC_Seen (1 bit field)
This parameters indicates if a GSM cell with invalid BSIC and allowed NCC part of BSIC is one of the six strongest, see 3GPP TS 05.08.

0 No cell with invalid BSIC and allowed NCC part of BSIC is seen
1 One cell or more with invalid BSIC and allowed NCC part of BSIC is seen

SCALE (1 bit field)
The value of this field is defined in 3GPP TS 05.08.

Serving cell reporting

If the structure "serving cell data" is missing, this indicates that no valid measurement exist for the serving cell.

RXLEV_SERVING_CELL (6 bit field)
This field contains the value of the RXLEV parameter for the serving cell calculated by the mobile station (see 3GPP TS 05.08). This field is encoded as the binary representation of the RXLEV parameter value defined in 3GPP TS 05.08.
Range 0 to 63

This field contains the average interference level for the serving cell measured on the PCCCH if a valid value is available (measured in packet idle mode, see 3GPP TS 05.08). The field is encoded as the binary representation of the I_LEVEL value defined in 3GPP TS 05.08.

Neighbour cell reporting

Repeated Invalid BSIC
This structure contains the report of cells with invalid BSIC.
(5 bits). This field represents the index of the BA(GPRS), see 3GPP TS 04.18 sub-clause 11.2.20.
BSIC (6 bits). Base station identity code of the corresponding index in the BA(GPRS).
RXLEV (6 bits). GSM reporting quantity, see 3GPP TS 05.08.

Bitmap type reporting:
This structure contains the report of cells with valid BSIC.
Each bit of the bitmap points to the corresponding index of the Neighbour Cell list defined in sub-clause ("Deriving the Neighbour Cell list from the GSM Neighbour Cell list and the 3G Neighbour Cell list").

If this structure is present and more bits than needed are available at the end of the message, the MS shall set the value of the redundant bitmap positions to ‘0’.

If this structure is present, some remaining bits indicating no report at the end of the message may be omitted if these bits do not fit into the message. This shall not lead to an error in the receiver of that message.

Measurement quantities are defined in 3GPP TS 05.08.