11.2 Group membership management

3GPP43.069Release 16Stage 2TSVoice Broadcast Service (VBS)

Once the membership is established, the individual membership of the group can be placed in an active or deactive state on the SIM/USIM by the user. If a subscriber has a group ID in an active state, the subscriber is able to establish voice broadcast calls corresponding to that group ID if he is entitled for it.

In a deactive state the mobile station prevents the service subscriber from establishing calls using the group ID and the corresponding notifications need to be "ignored" by the mobile station.

The active state and deactive state entries may be password protected as an implementation option.

Group IDs are listed in the subscription data within the network and on the SIM/USIM. The SIM/USIM must be returned to the network operator or service provider for updating if the subscription is to be changed.

NOTE: Updating of subscription data over the radio interface is not considered. However, this shall not preclude future applications if corresponding mechanisms may be implemented.

Users can interrogate their mobile stations to determine to which groups they are members and which subscriptions are currently in an active state.