11.3.6 New calls

3GPP43.069Release 16Stage 2TSVoice Broadcast Service (VBS)

Any service subscriber originated new voice broadcast calls which have identical group ID and group call area to on-going voice broadcast calls shall be rejected by the network with cause busy. The mobile station shall then read the notifications for the corresponding group ID on the NCH.

For any dispatcher originated new voice broadcast calls which are identical to on-going voice broadcast calls as described above the network shall include the dispatcher in the on-going call.

Otherwise, new calls are treated as detailed in subclause 11.3.8. In the case of congestion, voice broadcast calls are treated according to their priority with each BSC treating each downlink depending on the situation in each cell to which the call is sent. Therefore, it is possible that a voice broadcast call might be established only in a subset of the required cells.

In the case where there are no distribution function free, and pre-emption is not performed, then the call request shall be rejected.

In the case of group members involved in voice broadcast or point-to-point calls who have been informed of a new voice broadcast call, the mobile station shall make a decision as to which to monitor as if both the on-going call and new call were point-to-point calls, and follow the procedure defined in 3GPP TSĀ 23.067.