11 Data and Function Sharing and Access Control.

02.193GPPRelease 1999Stage 1Subscriber Identity Module Application Programming Interface (SIM API)TS

11.1 Sharing resources between applets

The API shall provide a secure data structure and function sharing mechanism between applets and with the GSM SIM kernel.

The GSM SIM kernel should be able to share with applets:

GSM files : to get file status, read and update data field

CHV1,CHV2 : to get status.

A toolkit applet shall be able to share any kind of data with any other applet even a non-toolkit applet.

The data and function sharing mechanism and the access control management shall be common to all card issuers.

To ease the deployment, these requirements have the following priorities:

high: GSM SIM kernel data sharing (e.g. access to the Telecom directory),

medium: inter industry sharing mechanism between applets.

11.2 Access to data

The SIM API shall provide a way to let each applet indicate:

– the shared data and functions,

– the associated access functions to these data and functions,

– the security or trust level required,

– the accepted certification authorities, and,

– the identity of the applet provider.

The SIM API framework shall check all these parameters before granting an access to data.