11 Requirements for Policy Management

22.1273GPPRelease 9Service requirement for the Open Services Access (OSA)Stage 1TS

Applications shall have the ability to interact with policy-enabled Service Capability Features in a secure manner. The network policies always take precedence over the application defined policies.

The OSA interface shall provide sufficient capabilities to enable applications to request:

  • To manage the application’s policy-related information

This allows applications to create, modify and delete policies, policy events and to activate, deactivate and modify policy rules. Policy rules may be expressed with simple data types (such as integers or string) or more complex data types (such as Boolean values, time, lists, meta-variables..etc). Expression of policy rules shall take into account these complex data types as well as allow for a feature rich set of operands and allow for ability to define user specific functions.

  • To manage policy event notification

This allows applications to register for specific policy events. Once registered for such events, the application shall receive notification of the events until it explicitly requests the termination of the notification request

  • To collect policy statistics

This allows an application to collect policy related statistics from the network. Examples include success or failure of operations on policies and time stamps of policy events.

  • To request policy evaluation

This allows an application to request that a set of policies is evaluated by the network.