12 Charging

03.733GPPRelease 1999Stage 2Support of Localised Service Area (SoLSA)TS

12.1 General principles

Using LSA as a location based charging can be realised. Different charging can be applied with respect to different LSAs, which shall also include the possibility to change charging when moving between LSAs with different tariffs associated. LSAs with higher priority may be associated with different tariffs.

12.2 Toll ticketing

Appropriate information concerning the change of charging due to the LSA change shall also be included in the charging record (toll ticket).

Annex A (informative):
SoLSA interworking with CAMEL

This Annex is informative.

Regarding the SoLSA network architecture SMG12 has decided that:

the HLR solution is chosen for SoLSA

CAMEL phase 3 will be improved in the 99 release so that it fully utilises the SoLSA benefits.

This annex collects the optional functional enhancements for CAMEL required to enable CAMEL interworking with SoLSA. These enhancements are expected to be included in CAMEL phase3 in Release 99.