12 Restoration of Data in an SMLC

03.073GPPRestoration proceduresTS

12.1 Restart of an SMLC

When an SMLC restarts after a failure, it performs the following actions for those of its associated LMUs whose records have been affected by the fault:

– Reload all administered LMU data from non-volatile back-up

– Reinitialize other temporary data for each LMU to indicate no ongoing measurement or diagnostic activities

– Perform data restoration for each affected Type A and Type B LMU as described below.

12.2 Data Restoration for a Specific LMU

An SMLC may restore data for a specific LMU when the data in the SMLC or LMU is considered unreliable (e.g. if there is no communication between the SMLC and LMU for a long time or if messages received by the SMLC are inconsistent with the LMU state kept by the SMLC). To restore data for a specific LMU, the SMLC shall open a signalling connection to the LMU if this is Type A, as described in GSM 03.71. For both a Type A LMU and Type B LMU, the SMLC shall thensend an LLP Reset message to the LMU. On receiving an LLP Reset, an LMU shall cancel any LCS measurement and O&M tasks previously ordered by the SMLC and shall return an LLP Reset acknowledgment to the SMLC.