14.1 General information for interoperability radio bearer tests

34.123-13GPPPart 1: Protocol conformance specificationRelease 15TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification

The purpose of the interoperability radio bearer test cases are to ensure interoperability of UE’s in different regions and networks. For this purpose representative radio bearer configurations that will be used in real network implementations have been defined in TS 34.108 [9], clause 6.10.

The applicability of radio bearer tests is dependent on the UE uplink and downlink radio access capabilities and UE support tele- and bearer-services.

For radio bearer combinations which are representative to multiple traffic classes, such as “Interactive or Background”, “Streaming or Interactive or Background” etc, then it is only required to execute the radio bearer test procedure once using one of the applicable traffic class for the UE under test.

NOTE: As the purpose of the radio bearer test cases is to functionally verify that the UE is able to establish the radio bearer combination, and to verify correct data transfer using the different transport formats, then the necessary test coverage is achieved by performing the radio bearer test procedure once for one of the applicable traffic classes.