19.2.5 Handover procedure in VLR

09.023GPPMobile Application Part (MAP) specificationTS Allocation of handover number

When receiving the MAP_ALLOCATE_HANDOVER_NUMBER indication, the VLR will determine whether a handover number is available. If no handover number is available, this will be indicated by a MAP_ALLOCATE_HANDOVER_NUMBER response with the appropriate error.

The handover number allocated will otherwise be returned to MSC-B in the MAP_SEND_HANDOVER_REPORT request.

The handover number will be reserved until a MAP_SEND_HANDOVER_REPORT confirmation is received from MSC-B. SDL Diagrams

The SDL diagrams on the following pages describe the user processes in VLR for the procedures described in this subclause.

The services used are defined in subclause 8.4.

Figure 19.2.5/1 (sheet 1 of 2): Process VLR_B_HO

Figure 19.2.5/1 (sheet 2 of 2): Process VLR_B_HO