2 General definitions

04.033GPPMobile Station - Base Station System (MS - BSS) Interface Channel Structures and Access CapabilitiesRelease 1999TS

A channel represents a specified portion of the information-carrying capacity of an interface.

Channels are classified by channel types, which have common characteristics. Channel types appearing on the radio interface are specified in clauses 3 and 4.

At a given time, the complete interface between a Base Station and the set of Mobile Stations in relation corresponds to some interface structure. The interface structure may change in time. The number of possible different such interface structures can be large. The BS access capability is a description of all the possible interface structures of the considered BS. BS access capabilities are specified in clause 5.

At a given moment, the channel configuration of a Mobile Station is the interface structure this Mobile Station actually uses to transmit information to or receive information from the Base Station. The channel configuration may change in time. A limited number of channel configurations are identified, and are specified in clause 6.

A Mobile Station access capability is the description of the set of its possible channel configurations. MS access capabilities are specified in clause 7.