20.13 Decoding the BSIC of the neighbour carriers on the list of six strongest neighbour carriers

3GPP51.010-1Mobile Station (MS) conformance specificationPart 1: Conformance specificationTS

20.13.1 Definition

-20.13.2 Conformance requirement

1. The MS shall attempt to check the BSIC for each of the 6 strongest non-serving cell BCCH carriers at least every 30 s, to confirm that it is monitoring the same cell. If a change of BSIC is detected then the carrier shall be treated as a new carrier and the BCCH data redetermined; 3GPP TS 05.08, subclause 6.6.1.

NOTE: Verification of cell reselection as implicitly tested here is performed in subclause 20.3.

20.13.3 Test purpose

1. To verify that the MS will check the BSIC of the non-serving cell, which is in the list of six strongest neighbour cells, by changing the BSIC and the BCCH data of the non-serving cell such that the value of C2 for that cell exceeds the value of C2 of the serving cell, and observing that the MS performs cell reselection within the time allowed to check the BSIC, redetermine the BCCH data and perform cell reselection.

20.13.4 Method of test Initial conditions

Parameters changed from Default values table 20.1.


Carrier 1

Carrier 2

Carrier 3

Carrier 4

Carrier 5

Carrier 6

RF signal level

(dBV emf() / dBm)

38 / -75

33 / -80










10 Procedure

a) The SS activates the carriers. The MS is not paged on carrier 1. The SS monitors carriers 1 and 2.

b) The MS is switched on.

c) The SS changes the BSIC of carrier 2 by changing the Base Station Colour Code (BCC) part of the BSIC. The SS also changes the RXLEV_ACCESS_MIN in the BCCH data of carrier 2 to be -100 dBm.

NOTE: With the above change to the BCCH data the C2 of carrier 2 becomes 20 whereas the C2 of carrier 1 stays at 15.

20.13.5 Test requirements

1) In step b), there shall be no access from the MS on carrier 1 or carrier 2 within 50 s.

2) After step c), the MS shall access on carrier 2 within 85 s of the change in the BSIC value (and BCCH data) of carrier 2.

NOTE: 33 s for check of BSIC on carrier 2, 33 s for decode of BCCH of carrier 2, 15 s for reselection of carrier 2, since the MS already has a running average on carrier 2, allow 85 s.