20.14 Emergency calls

3GPP51.010-1Mobile Station (MS) conformance specificationPart 1: Conformance specificationTS

20.14.1 Definition

20.14.2 Conformance requirement

1. In this mode, only emergency calls may be made

3GPP TS 45.008, subclause 6.8.

2. When in the limited service state (see 3GPP TS 43.022) the aim is to gain normal service rapidly and the following tasks shall be performed, depending on the conditions, as given in the table below:

a) The MS shall monitor the received signal level of all RF channels within its bands of operation, and search for a BCCH carrier which has C1 > 0 and which is not barred. When such a carrier is found, the MS shall camp on that cell, irrespective of the PLMN identity.

3GPP TS 45.008, subclause 6.8.

3. c) The MS shall perform cell reselection at least among the cells of the PLMN of the cell on which the MS has camped, according to the algorithm of 3GPP TS 43.022, except that a zero value of CELL_RESELECT_HYSTERESIS shall be used.

3GPP TS 45.008, subclause 6.8.

20.14.3 Test purpose

1. To verify that the MS shall be able to initiate emergency calls when no suitable cells of the selected PLMN are available, but at least one acceptable cell is available.

2. To verify that the MS selects a cell with C1 > 0 and CBA = 0 when no suitable cells of the selected PLMN are available.

3. To verify that the MS, when performing cell reselection in the limited service state, uses CELL_RESELECT_HYSTERESIS = 0.

20.14.4 Method of test Initial conditions

Parameters changed from Default values table 20.1.


Carrier 1

Carrier 2

Carrier 3

Carrier 4

Carrier 5

Carrier 6

RF signal level (dBV emf() / dBm)

38 / -75

33 / -80

33 / -80




RXLEV_ACCESS_MIN (dBV emf() / dBm)

23 / -90

43 / -70

23 / -90


1 (barred)










14 dB





NOTE: All the BCCH carriers belong to the same PLMN, which is not the MS’s home PLMN and is in the SIM’s forbidden PLMN’s list. Procedure

a) The SS activates the carriers. The SS monitors for RA attempts from the MS on carriers 1, 2 and 3 for the duration of the test. In order to prevent the MS from answering to paging only idle-paging is sent on all channels.

b) The MS is switched on.

c) 50 s after switch on, an emergency call is initiated on the MS.

d) The SS changes the CBA of carrier 1 to 0.

NOTE 1: The MS should reselect to carrier 1 because it should not take into account the CELL_RESELECT_HYST value of 14 but use 0 instead.

e) After 345 s an emergency call is initiated on the MS.

NOTE 2: 330 s to detect change of BCCH data, 15 s to perform reselection of carrier 1, since the MS already has a running average on carrier 1.

20.14.5 Test requirements

1) In step c), the first access by the MS shall be on carrier 3.

2) In step e), the first access from the MS shall be on carrier 1.