20.17 Cell selection if no suitable cell found in 10 s

3GPP51.010-1Mobile Station (MS) conformance specificationPart 1: Conformance specificationTS

20.17.1 Definition

See conformance requirement.

20.17.2 Conformance requirement

If no suitable cell is found in cell reselection process within 10 s, the cell selection algorithm of 3GPP TS 03.22 shall be performed, 3GPP TS 05.08, subclause 6.6.2.

20.17.3 Test purpose

To verify that the MS fulfils the conformance requirement.

20.17.4 Method of test Initial conditions

One BCCH carrier is established with the system information contents of table 20.1.

Parameters changed from Default values table 20.1.


Carrier 1

Carrier 2

Carrier 3

Carrier 4

Carrier 5

Carrier 6

RF signal level

(dBV emf() / dBm)

43 / -70






C1 = C2

20 Procedure

a) The MS is switched on. Idle paging is sent on carrier 1.

b) After the MS indicates service the SS reduces the transmit level of carrier 1 to 13 dBV emf() (so that C1 of carrier 1 becomes ‑10) and turns on a new carrier (carrier 2) at a level of 33 dBV emf(). Carrier 2 shall not be in the MS BA list (i.e. it shall not be one of the carriers that MS has been monitoring after camped on carrier 1).

c) The SS shall monitor all accesses on carriers 1 and 2 for 60 s.

NOTE: The access on carrier 2 should not take longer than 50 s. (5 s to rxlev averages, 5 s for C1 < 0 duration, 10 s for searching another suitable cell, 30 s for cell selection), 60 s is a safe time to wait.

20.17.5 Test requirements

The MS shall access on carrier 2 at test step c) within 60 s.