20.3.3 Procedures in the SGSN

09.023GPPMobile Application Part (MAP) specificationTS Subscriber deletion procedure

The subscriber deletion procedure in the SGSN is described in the subclause 19.1. Subscriber data modification procedure

When receiving either the MAP_INSERT_SUBSCRIBER_DATA indication or the MAP_DELETE_SUBSCRIBER_DATA indication, the SGSN check the parameters and data in the primitive. Data errors are reported as an unexpected data value error or a data missing error depending on the nature of the error.

After receiving the first MAP_INSERT_SUBSCRIBER_DATA indication, the SGSN will check the IMSI that is included in the primitive. If the IMSI is unknown, the error "Unidentified subscriber" is returned.

If the SGSN does not support received basic services or the network feature Operator Determined Barring, or there is a problem with Regional Subscription Data then it reports it to the HLR.

If the entire SGSN area is restricted due to regional subscription, this is reported to the HLR.

If the updating of the subscriber data is not possible, the SGSN will initiate the MAP_U_ABORT request primitive. If the updating is successful, the MAP_CLOSE indication is received from the HLR.

The subscriber data modification procedure in the SGSN is shown in the figures 20.3/11, 20.3/12 and 25.7/5.

Figure 20.3/11: Process INS_SUBS_DATA_SGSN

Figure 20.3/12: Process Delete_Subscriber_Data_SGSN