22.10.1 General

29.0023GPPMobile Application Part (MAP) specificationRelease 15TS

The procedure supports supplementary service signalling procedures which allow PLMN specific services to be introduced.

The message flow for the procedure can be found in 3GPP TS 23.090 [34].

The following services may be used:

MAP_PAGE (see clauses 8 and 25);

MAP_SEARCH_FOR_MOBILE_SUBSCRIBER (see clauses 8 and 25);

MAP_PROCESS_ACCESS_REQUEST (see clauses 8 and 25);

MAP_AUTHENTICATE (see clauses 8 and 25);

MAP_SET_CIPHERING_MODE (see clauses 8 and 25);

MAP_FORWARD_NEW_TMSI (see clauses 8 and 25);

MAP_READY_FOR_SM (see clauses 12 and 25).

At least one of the following services will certainly be used, and both may be used:

MAP_UNSTRUCTURED_SS_REQUEST (defined in clause 11);

MAP_UNSTRUCTURED_SS_NOTIFY (defined in clause 11).