25.10.1 Subscriber_Present_VLR process

09.023GPPMobile Application Part (MAP) specificationTS

The Subscriber_Present_VLR process is invoked by the VLR, when the mobile subscriber becomes active and the MNRF flag is set. The general description of the short message alert procedures is in the subclause 23.4.

The VLR sends the MAP_READY_FOR_SM request to the HLR and waits for the HLR to answer. When receiving the answer, the VLR will act as follows:

– the MNRF flag is cleared if the procedure is successful;

– the MNRF flag is not cleared if the procedure is not successful.

The Subscriber_Present_VLR process is shown in the figure 25.10/1.

Figure 25.10/1: Process Subscriber_Present_VLR