27.0 Introduction

31.1243GPPMobile Equipment (ME) conformance test specificationRelease 16TSUniversal Subscriber Identity Module Application Toolkit (USAT) conformance test specification

This clause is an addition to TS 31.121 [21] to confirm the correct interpretation of the USIM Application Toolkit commands and the correct operation of the Toolkit facilities.

The definitions, declarations and default values specified in TS 31.121 [21] clause 4.1 shall apply, unless otherwise specified in the present clause.

A USIM Simulator with the appropriate USIM Application Toolkit functionality will be required. Alternatively, USIMs programmed with specific data and USIM Application Toolkit applets may be used.The USIM data defined below shall be used for all test cases unless otherwise specified within the test case.

The comprehension required flags in SIMPLE-TLV objects that are included in a TERMINAL RESPONSE or an ENVELOPE shall be set as described in TS 31.111 [15]. This means that in cases where it is up to the ME to decide if this flag is used or not, the corresponding Tag coding in the TERMINAL RESPONSEs and ENVELOPEs in this document represents only one of the two valid possibilities.

TS 31.111 [15] defines that in case of the general result "Command performed successfully" some proactive commands require additional information in the command result and in which cases this is mandatory or optional. Thus when additional information bytes are optional in the Result TLV, the additional information bytes of the Result TLVin the Terminal Responses shall be ignored.