27.16 MMI reaction to SIM status encoding

3GPP51.010-1Mobile Station (MS) conformance specificationPart 1: Conformance specificationTS

27.16.1 Definition

The SIM gives status information in response to instructions, as two-byte codes. Some of these codes give valuable information to the user, and appropriate indication by the ME is mandatory.

27.16.2 Conformance requirement

It is mandatory to give the user an appropriate indication when any of the codes given below appear.


3GPP TS 02.30, subclause 4.6.5.

27.16.3 Test purpose

To verify that the ME gives an appropriate indication to the user in response to status information return codes from the SIM.

27.16.4 Method of test Initial conditions

The ME is connected to the SIM simulator. All elementary files are coded as default.

The ME is powered on. Procedure.

The SIM simulator is used to send the following error codes as reaction on an instruction from the ME:

– 9240 Memory Problem;

– 9804 Access security policy not fulfilled or secret code rejected;

– 9840 Secret code locked;

– 6FXX Technical problem with no diagnostic given as reaction on an instruction from the ME.

27.16.5 Test requirement

For each error code, the ME shall give an appropriate MMI indication.