27.22.2 Contents of the TERMINAL PROFILE command

31.1243GPPMobile Equipment (ME) conformance test specificationRelease 16TSUniversal Subscriber Identity Module Application Toolkit (USAT) conformance test specification Definition and applicability

See table E.1 in annex B. Conformance requirement

The ME shall support the PROFILE DOWNLOAD command as defined in:

– TS 31.111 [15] clause 5.2. Test purpose

1. Verify that the TERMINAL PROFILE indicates that Profile Download facility is supported.

2. Record which USIM Application Toolkit facilities are supported by the ME, to determine which subsequent tests are required. Method of test Initial conditions

The ME is connected to the USIM Simulator. All elementary files are coded as the default USIM Application Toolkit personalization. Procedure

a) The ME is powered on.

b) After the ME sends the TERMINAL PROFILE command to the USIM Simulator, the USIM Simulator shall record the content of the TERMINAL PROFILE.

c) The USIM Simulator shall return SW1 / SW2 of ’90 00′.

d) The contents of the TERMINAL PROFILE is recorded and compared to the corresponding table E.1 "status" column.

The test is terminated upon the ME sending the TERMINAL PROFILE command to the USIM Simulator. Test requirement

1) After step a) the ME shall send the TERMINAL PROFILE command to the USIM Simulator with bit 1 of the first byte set to 1 (facility supported by ME).

2) In table E.1 for the corresponding ME USIM Toolkit Release and Options, The TERMINAL PROFILE information "support" recorded must be in accordance with the "Status" column. Support of features defined only in releases later than currently tested release shall be ignored.