27.22.9 Handling of command number

31.1243GPPMobile Equipment (ME) conformance test specificationRelease 16TSUniversal Subscriber Identity Module Application Toolkit (USAT) conformance test specification Definition and applicability

See clause 3.2.2. Conformance requirement

The ME shall support the facility as defined in TS 31.111 [15] clause 6.5.1, clause 6.8 and clause 8.6 Test purpose

To verify that the ME sends a Terminal Response with the Command number equivalent to the value in the corresponding proactive command. Method of tests Initial conditions

The ME is connected to the USIM Simulator.

The elementary files are coded as Toolkit default.

Prior to this test the ME shall have been powered on and performed the PROFILE DOWNLOAD procedure.

The ME screen shall be in its normal stand-by display.

The ME shall support the DISPLAY TEXT command. Procedure

Expected Sequence 1.1 (DISPLAY TEXT normal priority, Unpacked 8 bit data for Text String, successful)

See ETSI TS 102 384 [26] in clause, Expected Sequence 1.1. Test requirement

The ME shall operate in the manner defined in expected sequence 1.1