3.4.12 Indication of notifications and paging information

3GPP44.018GSM/EDGE Radio Resource Control (RRC) protocolMobile radio interface Layer 3 specificationRelease 16TS

Only applicable for mobile stations supporting VGCS or VBS.

In dedicated mode or in group transmit mode, the RR entity shall provide indications to the upper layer on all received notifications for voice group calls or voice broadcast calls according to the VGCS or VBS subscription data stored in the mobile station. The indication shall include the notified group or broadcast call reference and possibly the related priority VSTK_RAND and CELL_GLOBAL_COUNT, if provided.

In group transmit mode, if the mobile station has decoded a paging message with the own mobile station identity on the PCH or on the voice group call channel downlink, the RR entity shall provide an indication to the upper layers, together with the related priority, if applicable.

In group transmit mode, if the RR entity receives information on the voice group call channel of the existence of a paging message in its paging subgroup of the PCH, the RR entity shall pass this information to the upper layers together with the related priority if provided (see also sub-clauses 3.3.2 and 3.3.3).

In group transmit mode, when a paging message that contains an indication of the paging is received on the VBS or VGCS channel, this indication shall be passed to the upper layer. If no paging cause is present in the paging message the VBS/VGCS mobile station shall assume that the paging is for a mobile terminating call.