3 Abbreviations

29.4213GPPEndorsement of 3GPP TS 29.162 Interworking between IM CN Sub-system and IP networksNGN Release 1Release 8TISPANTS

For the purposes of the present document, the following abbreviations apply:

B2BUA Back-to-Back User Agent

BGCF Border Gateway Control Function

BGF Border Gateway Function

CDR Call Data Record

CSCF Call Session Control Function

DS Differentiated Services

IBCF Interconnection Border Control Function

I-BGF Interconnection Border Gateway Function

IM IP Multimedia

IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem

IP Internet Protocol

IPv4 IP version 4

IPv6 IP version 6

IWF InterWorking Function

MRFP Multimedia Resource Function Processor

NAT Network Address Translation

NAPT Network Address and Port Translation

NA(P)T-PT Network Address (Port-Multiplexing) Translation-Protocol Translation

RACS Resource and Admission Control Subsystem

RSVP Resource reSerVation Protocol

SDP Session Description Protocol

SIP UA SIP User Agent

SIP Session Initiation Protocol

UE User Equipment