3 Abbreviations

09.083GPPApplication of the Base Station System Application Part (BSSAP) on the E interfaceRelease 1999TS

For the purposes of the present document, the following abbreviations apply:

BSS Base Station System

BSSAP Base Station System Application Part

BSSMAP Base Station System Management Application Part

CCCH Common Control CHannel

DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier

DTAP Direct Transfer Application Part

MSC Mobile‑services Switching Centre

MSC‑A Mobile‑services Switching Centre, Anchor (Anchor MSC)

MSC‑I Mobile‑services Switching Centre, Intermediate (Intermediate MSC)

MSC‑T Mobile‑services Switching Centre, Target (Target MSC)

SAPI Service Access Point Identifier

SCCP Signalling Connection Control Part

TCAP Transaction Capabilities Application Part

Other abbreviation used in the GSM specifications are listed in 3GPP TS 01.04.