3 Abbreviations

12.033GPPSecurity ManagementTS

For the purposes of the present document, the following abbreviations apply:

A3 Authentication Algorithm

A5 Ciphering Algorithm

A8 Ciphering Key Computation Algorithm

AuC Authentication Centre

BCCH Broadcast Control Channel

BSC Base Station Controller

BSS Base Station Sub-system

BTS Base Transceiver Station

CKSN Ciphering Key Sequence Number

CM Call Management

EIR Equipment Identity Register

GDMO Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects

HLR Home Location Register

IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity

IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity

Kc Ciphering Key

Ki Individual Subscriber Authentication Key

LU Location Update

MAP Mobile Application Part

ME Mobile Equipment

MM Mobility Management

MO Mobile Originating, Managed Object

MOC Managed Object Class

MS Mobile Station

MSC Mobile Switching Centre

MT Mobile Terminating

NE Network Element

OS Operations System

PLMN Public Land Mobile Network

RAND Random Number

Rec. Recommendation

SIM Subscriber Identity Module

SMS Short message service

SRES Signed Response to RAND

SS Supplementary Service

TMN Telecommunications Management Network

TMSI Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity

TS Technical Specification

VLR Visitor Location Register