3 Abbreviations, symbols and definitions

03.643GPPGeneral Packet Radio Service (GPRS)Overall description of the GPRS radio interfaceStage 2TS

3.1 Abbreviations

In addition to abbreviations in 3GPP TR 01.04 [1] and 3GPP TS 02.60 [2] the following abbreviations apply:

ARQ Automatic Repeat reQuest

BCS Block Check Sequence

BEC Backward Error Correction

BH Block Header

CFCCH Compact Frequency Correction Channel

CPAGCH Compact Packet Access Grant Channel

CPBCCH Compact Packet Broadcast Control Channel

CPCCCH Compact Packet Common Control Channel

CPNCH Compact Packet Notification Channel (for PTM-M on CPCCCH)

CPPCH Compact Packet Paging Channel

CPRACH Compact Packet Random Access Channel

CSCH Compact Synchronization Channel

CS Coding Scheme

CU Cell Update

DTM Dual Transfer Mode


FBI Final Block Indicator

FH Frame Header

GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node

HCS Header Check Sequence

IR Incremental Redundancy

LLC Logical Link Control

MAC Medium Access Control

MCS Modulation and Coding Scheme

NCH Notification Channel (for PTM-M on CCCH)

NSS Network and Switching Subsystem

PACCH Packet Associate Control Channel

PAGCH Packet Access Grant Channel

PBCCH Packet Broadcast Control Channel

PC Power Control

PCCCH Packet Common Control Channel

PDCH Packet Data Channel

PDTCH Packet Data Traffic Channel

PDU Protocol Data Unit

PL Physical Link

PNCH Packet Notification Channel (for PTM-M on PCCCH)

PPCH Packet Paging Channel

PRACH Packet Random Access Channel

PSI Packet System Information

PTCCH Packet Timing Advance Control Channel

RLC Radio Link Control

SGSN Serving GPRS Support Node

SNDC Subnetwork Dependent Convergence

TA Timing Advance

TBF Temporary Block Flow

TFI Temporary Frame Identity

USF Uplink State Flag

3.2 Symbols

For the purposes of the present document, the following symbols apply:

Gb Interface between an SGSN and a BSC.

Um Interface between MS and GPRS fixed network part. The Um interface is the GPRS network interface for providing packet data services over the radio to the MS.

3.3 Definitions

3.3.1 General

GPRS specific definitions can be found in 02.60 [2] and 03.60 [3].

3.3.2 EGPRS mobile station

An EGPRS mobile station is a GPRS mobile station with additional capabilities for new radio access protocol features and new modulation and coding schemes. An EGPRS mobile station shall comply with GPRS requirements and the additional requirements defined for an EGPRS mobile station. The support of EGPRS is optional for the mobile station and the network.

3.3.3 Dual Transfer Mode

In dual transfer mode, the mobile station is allocated resources providing an RR connection and a Temporary Block Flow on one or more physical channels. This feature is optional for the mobile station and the network. It is only applicable for a mobile station supporting GPRS or EGPRS. Dual transfer mode is a subset of class A mode of operation, which is only possible if there is radio resource allocation co-ordination in the network.