3 Definitions

32.0053G call and event data for the Circuit Switched (CS) domain3GPPCharging managementRelease 1999Telecommunications managementTS

For the purposes of the present document, the following terms and definitions apply.

accounting meter record: A record containing one or more counters employed to register the usage of resources en masse. Includes simple event counters and/ or cumulative call second counters.

advice of charge: The real-time display of the network utilisation charges incurred by the Mobile Station. The charges are displayed in the form of charging units. If a unit price is stored by the MS then the display may also include the equivalent charge in the home currency.

aoc service: A combination of one or more services, both basic and supplementary, together with a number of other charging relevant parameters to define a customised service for the purpose of advice of charge.

call data: One or more call records.

call record: A set of parameters related to one call attempt.

CAMEL: A network feature that provides the mechanisms to support operator specific services even when roaming outside HPLMN.

CAMEL subscription information: Identifies a subscriber as having CAMEL services.

charging calendar: One or more date definitions each of which assigns a day class to a particular day.

charging destination: Also referred to as a destination for charging, this is a nominal reference defining the point of termination of a connection for charging purposes.

charging origin: A nominal reference defining the point of origin of a connection for charging purposes.

charging zone: A distance class (e.g. "local" and "long distance") defined by one or more combinations of charging origins and charging destinations.

day class: A group of days for which the same tariff switch-over pattern applies e.g. public holidays

event data: One or more event records.

event record: A set of parameters related to a single telecommunications event.

observed IMEI ticket: A record used to describe an EIR relevant event e.g. a blacklisted IMEI

service distance dependency: The relationship between an AoC service, a charging zone and the relevant tariff class.

successful call: A connection that reaches the communication or data transfer phase e.g. the "answered" state for speech connections. All other connection attempts are regarded as unsuccessful.

tariff: A set of parameters defining the network utilisation charges for the use of a particular service.

tariff class: A grouping of one or more service distance dependencies for the purpose of defining the corresponding tariff switching patterns.

tariff period: A part of one (calendar) day during which a particular tariff is applied. Defined by the time at which the period commences (the switch-over time) and the tariff to be applied after switch-over.

tariff switch-over pattern: A set of tariff periods defining the tariffs to be applied over one complete 24 hour period (calendar day).