3 Definitions, abbreviations and Random values

04.573GPPGSM Cordless Telephony System (CTS), (Phase 1) CTS CTS supervising system Layer 3 SpecificationTS

3.1 Definitions

For the purposes of the present document, the following terms and definitions apply:

initialised Fixed Part: a Fixed Part which have been supplied with the necessary data to provide CTS service on the CTS radio interface. The CTS-FP initialisation procedure is performed at the Fixed Part installation and can be performed whenever the Fixed Part have been de-initialised.

de-initialised Fixed Part: a Fixed Part which does not contain the required data to offer CTS service. A de-initialised Fixed Part cannot offer any service.

enrolled Mobile Station: a Mobile Station is said to be enrolled on a Fixed Part if it has exchanged some data with this Fixed Part enabling attachement (e.g.in order to perform outgoing calls).

de-enrolled Mobile Station: a Mobile Station that is no more known by the Fixed Part.

CTS radio interface: the radio interface between the Mobile Station and the Fixed Part.

3.2 Abbreviations

Abbreviations used in the present document are listed in GSMĀ 01.04.

3.3 Random values

In a number of places in the present document, it is mentioned that some value must take a "random" value, in a given range, or more generally with some statistical distribution.

It is required that there is a low probability that two equipments in the same conditions (including the case of two equipments of the same type from the same manufacturer) will choose or get the same value.