3 Definitions, abbreviations and symbols

03.603GPPGeneral Packet Radio Service (GPRS)Release 1998Service descriptionStage 2TS

3.1 Definitions

For the purposes of the present document, the terms and definitions given in GSM 02.60 apply.

3.2 Abbreviations

For the purposes of the present document the following abbreviations apply. Additional applicable abbreviations can be found in GSM 01.04 [1].

AA Anonymous Access

APN Access Point Name

ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode

BG Border Gateway

BSSAP+ Base Station System Application Part +

BSSGP Base Station System GPRS Protocol

BVCI BSSGP Virtual Connection Identifier

CCU Channel Codec Unit

CDR Call Detail Record

CGF Charging Gateway Functionality

CGI Cell Global Identification

CS Circuit Switched

DNS Domain Name System

GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node

GMM/SM GPRS Mobility Management and Session Management

GSN GPRS Support Node

GTP GPRS Tunnelling Protocol

ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol

IETF Internet Engineering Task Force

IHOSS Internet-Hosted Octet Stream Service

IP Internet Protocol

IPv4 Internet Protocol version 4

IPv6 Internet Protocol version 6

IPX Internet Packet eXchange

ISP Internet Service Provider

L2TP Layer‑2 Tunnelling Protocol


LLC Logical Link Control

MAC Medium Access Control

MNRF Mobile station Not Reachable Flag

MNRG Mobile station Not Reachable for GPRS flag

MNRR Mobile station Not Reachable Reason

MTP2 Message Transfer Part layer 2

MTP3 Message Transfer Part layer 3

NGAF Non-GPRS Alert Flag

NS Network Service

NSAPI Network layer Service Access Point Identifier

NSS Network SubSystem


PCU Packet Control Unit

PDCH Packet Data CHannel

PDN Packet Data Network

PDP Packet Data Protocol, e.g., IP or X.25 [34]

PDU Protocol Data Unit

PPF Paging Proceed Flag

PPP Point-to-Point Protocol

PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit

RA Routeing Area

RAC Routeing Area Code

RAI Routeing Area Identity

RLC Radio Link Control

SGSN Serving GPRS Support Node

SM Short Message

SM-SC Short Message service Service Centre

SMS-GMSC Short Message Service Gateway MSC

SMS-IWMSC Short Message Service Interworking MSC


SNDC SubNetwork Dependent Convergence

SNDCP SubNetwork Dependent Convergence Protocol

TCAP Transaction Capabilities Application Part

TCP Transmission Control Protocol

TID Tunnel Identifier

TLLI Temporary Logical Link Identity

TRAU Transcoder and Rate Adaptor Unit

UDP User Datagram Protocol

3.3 Symbols

For the purposes of the present document, the following symbols apply:

Ga Charging data collection interface between a CDR transmitting unit (e.g., an SGSN or a GGSN) and a CDR receiving functionality (a CGF).

Gb Interface between an SGSN and a BSS.

Gc Interface between a GGSN and an HLR.

Gd Interface between a SMS-GMSC and an SGSN, and between a SMS-IWMSC and an SGSN.

Gf Interface between an SGSN and an EIR.

Gi Reference point between GPRS and an external packet data network.

Gn Interface between two GSNs within the same PLMN.

Gp Interface between two GSNs in different PLMNs. The Gp interface allows support of GPRS network services across areas served by the co-operating GPRS PLMNs.

Gr Interface between an SGSN and an HLR.

Gs Interface between an SGSN and an MSC/VLR.

kbit/s Kilobits per second.

R Reference point between a non-ISDN compatible TE and MT. Typically this reference point supports a standard serial interface.

Um Interface between the mobile station (MS) and the GPRS fixed network part. The Um interface is the GPRS network interface for providing packet data services over the radio to the MS. The MT part of the MS is used to access the GPRS services through this interface.