3 Definitions and abbreviations

3GPP42.043Release 16Service descriptionStage 1Support of Localised Service Area (SoLSA)TS

3.1 Definitions

Localised Service Area (LSA):

A localised service area consists of a cell or a number of cells within a PLMN.

Cells being part of different localised service areas may have overlapping coverage areas. The cells constituting a localised service area may not necessarily provide continuous coverage.

Figure 1: Localised Service Area

Subscribed to LSA: Set of LSAs, which the user has subscribed to.

Valid LSA: A LSA ,whichthe user has subscribed to and his UE can receive service.

Current LSA: The LSA where a UE is receiving service.

LSA Priority: Priority of subscriber’s LSAs. When the user has several valid LSAs, the current LSA shall be selected by prioritising LSAs in case of overlapping LSAs.

Figure 2: Localised Service Areas

LSA only access: LSA user is allowed to access PLMN within his allowed LSAs. LSA user is not allowed to receive and/or originate a call outside LSA area.

Figure 3: LSA only access

Exclusive Access: Access to exclusive access cells is restricted to defined LSA subscribers.

Figure 4: Exclusive Access

Preferential Access: LSA user shall have preferential access to resources of LSA cells, compared to non-LSA users.

Figure 5: Preferential Access

3.3 Abbreviations

For the purposes of the present document, the following abbreviations apply:

LSA Localised Service Area

Further abbreviations may be found in TR 21.905 [2].