3 Definitions and abbreviations

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3.1 Definitions

For the purposes of the present document, the terms and definitions given in ETSI TS 181 002 [1] and the following apply:

CDIV Session Identifier URI: URI created and inserted by a diverting AS that is routed through the same AS

NOTE: This is used to solve the service interaction of CDIV and ECT.

escaped character: See IETF RFC 3261 [6].

transferee: party being transferred to the transfer target

transferor: party initiating the transfer

transfer target: party that the existing communication is transferred to

NOTE: After transfer the transferee and the transfer target are in communication with each other.

3.2 Abbreviations

For the purposes of the present document, the following abbreviations apply:

ACK ACKnowledgement

ACM Address Complete Message

ACR Anonymous Communication Rejection

ANM ANswer Message

AS Application Server

CB Communication Barring

CD Communication Deflection

CDIV Communication DIVersion

CFB Communication Forwarding Busy

CFNL Communication Forwarding on Not Logged-in

CFNR Communication Forwarding No Reply

CFNRc Communication Forwarding on subscriber Not Reachable

CFU Communication Forwarding Unconditional


CPC Calling Party’s Category

CPG Call ProGress message

CSCF Call Session Control Function

ECT Explicit Communication Transfer

HOLD communication HOLD

IAM Initial Address Message

IFC Initial Filter Criteria

IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem

IP Internet Protocol

ISDN Integrated Service Data Network

ISUP Integrated Service digital network User Part

IWU Inter Working Unit

MCID Malicious Communication IDentification

MGCF Media Gateway Control Function

NDC National Destination Code

NGN Next Generation Network

NOA Nature Of Address

OCB Outgoing Communication Barring

OIP Originating Identification Presentation

OIR Originating Identification Restriction

O-MGCF Outgoing – Media Gateway Control Function

P-CSCF Proxy-Call Session Control Function

PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network

RTP Real-Time Transport Protocol

S-CSCF Server-Call Session Control Function

SDP Session Description Protocol

SIP Session Initiation Protocol

SN Subscriber Number

TIP Terminating Identification Presentation

TIR Terminating Identification Restriction

UA User Agent

UE User Equipment

URI Universal Resource Identifier

XCAP XML Configuration Access Protocol

XML eXtensible Markup Language